4 Things to Expect During a Chimney Inspection

Do you remember when you were young and your parents would say, “Just wait, you’ll see what it’s like when you grow up!” I’m pretty sure they were referring to responsibility – and the massive weight it can hold when you’re responsible for the important things in life.

When you become a homeowner, one of your main responsibilities is to keep you and your loved ones safe. You become responsible for any possible dangers lurking inside and outside of your home.  With that said, a chimney that is not well-maintained or running efficiently is an indisputable danger that should never be overlooked or put off to a later date.

For those of you who wear your homeowner’s hat well and always get a yearly chimney inspection and sweep, do you know what to look for and what you should expect from your chimney company?

Here are 4 things a Caps & Dampers professional are required to inspect:

  1. Your chimney should be secured with a stainless-steel cap and screen. This will prevent rain and snow from running down your chimney and will ensure that small critters cannot nest inside of it. This is an actual photo that one of our crew members took when he went up on a roof for an inspection. Yikes!

    1. We will inspect the condition of the bricks and mortar. If any of it has been loosened or damaged from inclement weather, we can reset the brick and repoint the mortar as needed.


    1. During the inspection, we will inspect the flue liner and note any excessive creosote buildup or cracked flue tiles. If your chimney has not been swept recently, we will highly recommend that you schedule an appointment for a sweep before you light your first fire. It is critical to have the creosote buildup removed, as it is a highly flammable chemical that can cause your chimney to catch on fire and cause major damage and life-threatening situations.


  1. As part of our service (and if applicable), we will inspect your fireplace, wood stove or insert’s glass doors. We will make sure the gasket is intact and secure around the door opening. They are meant to be airtight and should effectively seal so excess air cannot leak into the firebox and potentially, or permanently, damage the appliance. We will also check for broken or deteriorating brick lining the firebox.

Each of these steps is just as important as the next and none of them should be postponed or ignored. A Caps & Dampers professional will also make one very important request. They will ask you to test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure that all of the batteries are replaced and that they are working properly.

So, as you can see, we are here to help you make adulting as a homeowner just a little bit easier. Now, go and schedule your chimney inspection.