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Caps & Dampers has inspected and cleaned thousands of chimneys throughout Connecticut. With years of experience treating all types of chimneys across CT, we love that our work feels new and different with each customer. We strive to provide the best quality chimney cleaning and sweeping services in the region and state. Our chimney sweeps will travel anywhere within Central Connecticut and beyond to meet your specific chimney needs. We are ready to work with you at any time of the year, rain or shine, to help you get the most out of your home. 

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Keep Your Connecticut Home Safe & Warm with Routine Chimney Cleaning

Chimney cleaning, also known as chimney sweeping, goes far beyond a simple sweep. The process involves identifying and repairing structural weaknesses, removing debris, and cleaning deposits that build up in hard-to-reach areas like the ducts, flues, and chimney walls. While from the outside, they look like any other ordinary home fixture, on the inside, chimneys are working hard to remove harmful gases each time a fire is burned. However, they only work effectively if they are well maintained and free of debris and damage. Routine chimney repair and cleaning will not only improve the performance of your fireplace and woodstove but also keep your home safe and adequately heated.

Did you know? As little as 1/10” of soot in your chimney can reduce heat transfer by 50%! That means by not cleaning your chimney regularly, you’re spending more and getting less out of your home heating systems.

Despite being essential in most homes, chimneys are often left untended and without proper upkeep. Don’t risk your home or your loved ones with an unsafe chimney. Save yourself time, hassle, and money by knowing when to clean your chimney and who to call. At Caps & Dampers, we are the chimney sweep service that works when you need it.

When to Get Your Chimney Cleaned

The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that you clean your chimney at least once a year. So, the simple solution is to make chimney sweeping an annual routine. As one of the leading factors contributing to home heating fires, a chimney is a robust structure that needs regular maintenance.

During the peak fire-burning months of December, January, and February, uncleaned chimneys pose a serious threat to you and your home. So don’t wait until the last minute! The best time of year to have your chimney cleaned is springtime after you and your family have made the most out of your chimney. Many homeowners wait until September or October to book their annual cleaning, so keep this in mind when planning your next appointment. Call Caps & Dampers, the #1 professional chimney sweeps in Connecticut, to get the work done when you need it and at a great price.

Identify Major Problems Early Using an Annual Chimney Inspection

Have some concerns about your chimney? Caps & Dampers can perform an in-depth evaluation of your venting system. This includes hard-to-reach areas within the chimney walls and flue that homeowners often overlook. Our team of professional, experienced chimney specialists will identify any safety hazards such as structural weaknesses, any cracks or damage, and debris blocking your chimney. 

Yet, inspections don’t only have to occur when something is wrong with your chimney. Depending on how much you use your fireplace and the state of your chimney, more frequent inspections could be recommended by our chimney experts. That’s why it’s essential to have an experienced professional take a look at your chimney before any problems get worse. 

If you are about to buy or sell a new house or install new appliances that require a chimney system, inspections are vital to ensure that your home is safe and up to standard. Likewise, it’s important to schedule an inspection if you notice that your chimney is not properly venting.

Video Inspections are also available! Call for more information or to schedule your annual chimney inspection. 

How You Can Maintain a Safe Chimney with Preventative Measures

Do not put chimney maintenance on the back burner. With a few simple steps, you can ensure that your chimney is in good working order before you decide to put another log on.

Homeowners are encouraged to regularly check for soot buildup in the chimney and the flue. If buildup reaches or exceeds ⅛’’, it’s time for a cleaning! If you notice any type of glaze, avoid burning fires immediately. This glaze is most likely a mixture of soot and creosote, a highly flammable substance that is dangerous to breathe. Carbon monoxide can also be easily trapped in your chimney, increasing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning each time a fire is burned.

Also, watch for signs of a chimney fire, ranging from loud popping or cracking noises to dense smoke from the flue. Common causes for chimney buildup include a lack of natural air supply, burning wood that lacks seasoning, and overloading fireboxes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At Caps & Dampers, we offer our chimney cleaning services at a flat rate cost regardless of the size or state of your chimney. A chimney cleaning is $185 and any additional flues are $125 each. Inspections are billed at a flat rate of $150. If one of our inspectors discovers any issues or damage in your chimney, we will evaluate the cost of repair and can schedule any additional appointments needed.

It’s never a good idea to clean your own chimney. It is a dirty and dangerous job, especially with excessive creosote buildup or severe structural damage. Always hire a professional chimney sweeper for your yearly inspection and leave the cleaning to the pros.

There are many signs to indicate excessive buildup within your chimney. If you notice that your fires are burning poorly or visible black soot, tar, or smoke, call a trusted professional for an official diagnosis. Avoid burning fires until you know it’s safe.

Hiring a professional chimney sweep to inspect your chimney is an essential step to ensuring that your chimney and your home remain safe and functional. They can uncover any damages or buildup that require you to get your chimney cleaned or repaired.

Chimney professionals will sweep your fireplace, inspect the firebox, flue liners, and smoke chamber. They will also ensure safe, ample clearances, and no hazardous buildups. 

Chimney sweeping usually takes less than one hour, depending on the amount of buildup, dirt, and debris.

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