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Did You Know You Still Need Your Chimney Cleaned Even If You Have A Furnace?

Your furnace has a venting system and the fumes either vent through your chimney’s furnace flue or through stand-alone flue piping that extends out the side of your home or on the top of your roof.

Either way, many people don’t realize how important it is to clean a furnace flue. The buildup may not be as great as burning wood in a fireplace or stove, but the maintenance is just as important.

Here’s why cleaning those vents is so important:

  • Dangerous buildup and blockage still occur.
  • Blockage can cause fires, potential carbon monoxide poisoning or other toxic fumes to enter into your home and can be dangerous (even deadly) for you and your family.
  • A clean venting system performs better and runs more efficient, which in turn keeps your heating expenses down.
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Inspection Process for a General Flue Cleaning

There are many parts that connect to your furnace and cleaning these parts is very similar to the process of cleaning a chimney. Each connection is removed from the unit and carefully inspected and then cleaned. If one connection or pipe is defective or damaged it will be found during the cleaning and replaced to maintain the unit’s safety and efficiency.

All furnaces, even hot water or forced air, should also be inspected and cleaned. Gas systems will create a buildup called scale, a clingy material that coats your flue pipes and makes your unit perform badly or could even force carbon monoxide into your home. Keep in mind, your oil provider or utility company is not going to clean your flue pipes and you need to be aware of this and ensure your system does not become clogged.

Furnace Flue Cleaning | Chimney Cleaning CT | Caps and Dampers

Protect Your Chimney From Debris

If you have a chimney and your furnace flue is not protected with a mesh chimney cap, birds and other small animals can build nests right inside and block the flue pipes. These nests or other types of debris prevent proper ventilation and stop dangerous gases from exiting your flue and can also cause a blow back of soot into your home. We can install or replace a chimney cap and ensure a secure fit to avoid any hazardous situation.

We recommend a yearly flue pipe cleaning just like a yearly chimney sweep, but if you just purchased a home or recently installed a new furnace then we strongly advise for you to schedule an appointment right away. It’s important to make sure your unit is installed correctly with the proper equipment and also meets the current venting specifications for 2019.

So don’t make the mistake of overlooking your chimney’s flue pipes, even if you don’t have a fireplace. Your flue piping needs the same careful consideration and we are here to make sure any moisture, damage or buildup of harmful chemicals are removed to maintain your system and keep it performing safely.

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