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You associate your Connecticut fireplace with warmth, comfort, and relaxation. However, if the chimney has fallen into disrepair, it can actually be the source of serious danger.

As you burn fires year after year, smoke and heat erode the flue, the chimney liner and possibly the masonry structures. Eventually, chimney repairs will be required.

Amending Chimney Structures

Chimney structural failings, such as cracks or other weak points, greatly increase the risk of house fires occurring as well as the threat of harmful fumes leaking into your living space.

These dangers make it is essential to schedule professional repairs as early as possible. The experienced masonry and chimney repair crew at Caps & Dampers, LLC inspects your chimney and addresses any problems before they become serious safety hazards for your home and loved ones. Additionally, early inspection and repairs save you from costly repairs in the future.

To schedule your chimney repair in the greater Hartford, CT area, contact Caps & Dampers at (860) 323-8123 or schedule online now!

Diagnosing Your Chimney Flue Repairs

Creosote, a black substance that collects within chimney flue liners, is very flammable. It’s been known to cause house fires if untreated. Oftentimes, we diagnose your need for repairs during the chimney sweeping process. If we notice any damage we will inform you right away, then proceed with the next steps to fix the issue.

Seasoned Repair Pros

Unfortunately, there is a lot of fraud in this business. So-called chimney “contractors” may try to show up at your door unannounced, offering services at an expensive price that you don’t even need. With Caps and Dampers, you’ll be secure in knowing that we will always do things the right way by you and your property. We will diagnose your repairs openly and honestly, and we will NEVER recommend a service you don’t need.

Your Best Connecticut Repair Option

This is what makes us the top chimney repair company in Greater West Hartford, Connecticut. We can adhere to any of your repair needs, at any time of the year. There’s no reason to call elsewhere. With Caps and Dampers, you are getting quality chimney solutions delivered every time you call.

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View of Roof and Chimney

We also offer a host of other chimney and home servicing options to help get your property looking great year round. From repairs to gutter cleaning, our team specializes in everything the exterior of your home needs.

Many companies will fail to deliver on your expectations for a given project. You need to feel secure in knowing that your repair specialists will arrive on-time and perform amazing work.

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With years of chimney repair experience in the West Hartford, Connecticut area, you can entrust our squad with your next big project. We can be reached via phone call or simply by filling out a form right here on our site.

Repair Specialists Saving Your Connecticut Chimney

There’s no bad time to book a chimney appointment. Let Caps and Dampers uncover potential issues with your chimney and diagnose the situation today.

Repairs and More, Right Here in Connecticut

Get top-notch services without breaking the bank. Whether you are in Hartford or surrounding areas, Caps and Dampers is here to help you get your chimney where it needs to be in less time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Having a broken chimney structure could negatively impact your entire home. In addition to having parts of your structure potentially fall down on your property, it can also make lighting a fire extremely dangerous.

Chimneys should be inspected at least once a year for soundness and stability. During this inspection, professionals may find structural flaws or other issues that require repairs.

A chimney inspector can identify masonry damage that is causing your chimney to leak. Any such damages will be documented and addressed right away.

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