Installing Reliable Chimney Caps and Dampers in CT

Avon, Connecticut is right around the corner from Caps & Dampers and it makes it very easy to do thousands of chimney inspections and cleanings here. Each time we drive out to clean a chimney in town we can’t help but soak in its breathtaking views. The businesses and the homes in Avon, especially on Avon Mountain, are stunning and we always enjoy performing our chimney services here.  We love all the magnificence this little town has to offer. Its elegance, style, and nature combined make it a very special place to work. We also provide chimney services in Bloomfield, Farmington, Newington, Simsbury, West Hartford, Wethersfield, and Hartford County, CT!

Chimney Caps

A chimney cap functions to seal the top of your chimney while allowing smoke to exit and preventing leaves, rain and animals from entering. To ensure that your home is properly safeguarded against weather conditions and wildlife, it is important to have a durable and well-designed chimney cap professionally installed.

Chimney Dampers

Chimney dampers are typically located within the shaft of the chimney just above your fireplace. When your fireplace is not in use, they enable you to completely seal off your chimney. A chimney damper allows you to create a tighter seal in your home thus improving efficiency of heating and air conditioning equipment.

Caps and Dampers in CT | Chimney Cleaning and Repairs | Caps & Dampers

Whether you are in need of a new chimney cap or a damper, it is important that the parts are installed correctly and that you choose one made from durable materials. The professionals at Caps and Dampers, LLC provide expert installation and peace of mind that you have chosen the appropriate, high-quality caps and dampers.

To have your chimney damper or cap replaced in CT, call Caps and Dampers, LLC at (860) 323-8123 or schedule now!