Business Chimney Services CT

If your business has a fireplace or a furnace, and you are the owner of the building, then you should be aware that annual cleaning and inspection of your chimney or furnace flue pipes are very important. These routine services are imperative to keep the exhaust system running safely and efficiently, and to keep all of your employees safe and chemical-free.

Commercial Cleaning for Local Businesses in Connecticut

We take every business very seriously and we make sure your chimney or flue pipes are functioning properly. We will also repair or replace mortar and bricks that have been damaged to ensure animals and weather are kept out of your chimney and out of your business. We will discuss your chimney liner and your chimney cap and also recommend what services need to be done at that time. This type of maintenance will keep your expenses down and save you money in the long run. A chimney that is neglected usually calls for very expensive repairs that could have been avoided if it was properly maintained. We see this all of the time and we are here to help you avoid costly mistakes, we know how important a practical budget is for a business owner.

Business Chimney Cleaning & Inspection CT | Caps and Dampers

If you own a restaurant in CT and you’re serving brick oven pizza or anything coal-fired, then remember that smoke has to go somewhere and that means a chimney. We clean exhaust stacks on a monthly basis and this is crucial to prevent dangerous creosote from building up over time. We also clean grease and food build-up that cannot be seen, as well as identify and repair any structural weaknesses.

Most importantly, we make sure your food tastes the way it’s supposed to and not like a burnt or smoky mouthful that will ruin any recipe.

Let us help you maintain a clean chimney and keep your CT business safe!

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