Chimney Inspections

Looking Down ChimneyIdentify Major Problems Early Using an Annual Chimney Inspection

When you buy or sell a house or install new appliances that require a chimney system, you need an annual chimney inspection. Likewise, it is vital to schedule an inspection if you suspect that your chimney is not properly venting.

Our professional, experienced chimney inspectors can perform an in-depth evaluation of your venting system, including hard-to-reach areas within the chimney walls and flue. During the inspection we will identify safety hazards such as structural weaknesses, debris blocking your chimney, and the build-up of a flammable substance called creosote. In order to reduce the risk of chimney fires, hazardous fumes leaking into the house, and other potential safety problems, a chimney inspection is imperative.

An annual chimney inspection uncovers issues that should be addressed to improve the functionality of your chimney system. Debris might be trapped in the flue, or the chimney may require cleaning. In order for your fires to burn cleaner and more efficiently, schedule your annual chimney inspection today.

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