Did You Know Pizza Ovens Have Chimneys?

That’s right. All that smoke has to go somewhere and that means a chimney. And if a chimney is involved, Caps & Dampers is your solution!

When you eat a brick oven pizza you want to make sure that you are sinking your teeth into the pizza chef’s creation and not into something that tastes like an unclean chimney.

Here’s how Caps & Dampers can help:

  • We clean the exhaust stacks on a monthly basis to keep the pizza oven operating efficiently and safely
  • Maintaining the stacks is crucial to prevent dangerous creosote that will build up over time
  • We clean grease and food build-up that cannot be seen
  • Regular chimney cleaning, also known as chimney sweeping, is very important for the prevention of chimney fires
  • We clean pizza ovens the same way we clean your chimney at home

Chimney cleaning also includes the process of identifying and repairing structural weaknesses, removing debris that may be blocking a chimney and removing the deposits that accumulate in the hard-to-reach areas within the ducts, the flue and the chimney walls. A chimney sweep clears a system of any dangerous substance from increasing to hazardous amounts, and allows a chimney to operate and ventilate cleanly and efficiently.

Pizza Oven Cleaning in CT

We currently clean pizza ovens for many restaurants in the Farmington Valley and throughout Hartford County. If you’ve recently tried Butchers & Bakers delicious pizza in Farmington, CT or Rizzuto’s savory wood-fired pizza in West Hartford, CT you can rest assured that they were cooked in ovens with very clean chimneys. Not to brag or anything!

Restaurant Owners… when was the last time you had your pizza oven cleaned & inspected? Schedule your appointment with Caps and Dampers today! For more information, call us at (860) 323-8123.