How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Newly Installed Gutter System

It’s not the most fun home maintenance task, but regular gutter cleaning is an essential part of keeping up with your property’s cleanliness.

In Connecticut, we’re used to wild weather happening pretty much year-round. This can lead to possible damage to your home’s structure, but more than likely it will create a mess of leaves and other debris in your gutters.

We’re here today to offer tips for those wondering how often they should get gutters cleaned, and whether they should call a professional for help?

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

It’s recommended that you clean your home’s gutters twice per year. However, if there are looming trees, additional foliage, or particularly bad storms that year, you may need to hire professional gutter cleaners 3-4 times a year.

When Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Fall is the most popular time to clean your gutters, since it’s the time of year where leaves and descend and accumulate onto your home and property.

What Are The Hazards of Not Cleaning Gutters?

Leaving gutters unclean is not just messy in the literal sense, it can domino into bigger issues that affect your entire home.

Water Build-up on Roofs

Gutters may not only fill up with leaves and debris, but they can also accumulate significant water build-up following a major storm. It doesn’t take much to have your gutters fill up with standing water.

When standing water accumulates and leaves begin decomposing, you’re left with mold deposits that can gradually seep inside your house and create a host of health hazards for your family.

Chances of Permanent Damage

Beyond damaging your health, the gutter build-up can cause permanent damage for your roof, forcing a full or at least partial roof replacement.

When water doesn’t drain properly, it can easily accumulate on the roof and soak through shingles, causing massive (and expensive) damage.

Your basement is another area of potential danger. Downspouts may become clogged with debris or they may become disconnected from your gutters altogether.

Basement damage is dire, not only for the structural integrity of your entire home but for your items stored down there with a potential to be destroyed. The financial burden of that destruction can be overwhelming.

Why You Should Clean Your Gutters?

It should be pretty clear by now why you should clean your gutters, but here are a few additional reasons to consider it.

Preparing for a Home Remodel

Many homeowners think a home remodel begins and ends with what’s inside their house. A true remodel should include inspections of the roof, including gutters.

Ensure that your roof isn’t leaking or damaged from harsh weather or storm damage.

Preparing a Home for Sale

Selling your house means passing certain property inspections, including making sure that your roof is up to code.

Gutters that are overflowing with leaves is unsightly, not to mention the potential damage that can stem from it.

Why Hire a Professional to Clean Your Gutters?

When in doubt, it’s always a safer bet to hire a professional gutter cleaning specialist to inspect your roof. We have decades of experience keeping Connecticut homes safe with clean gutters and chimneys.

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