Spring is the Season for Masonry Repairs in Connecticut

It’s getting warmer outside and besides the beauty of blooming flowers and enjoying time in the sun, it’s the best time to repair any damage winter left behind on your chimney. Our professionals will check for the three most important things to ensure you and your family’s safety and to save you from expensive home repairs in the future.

1. Mortar Repairs & Efflorescence Removal
Mortar breaks down long before the bricks start to give out, which is a good thing because mortar repairs are less expensive. If you start seeing signs of damage then it’s best to repair it right away before it completely breaks down and leads to much more expensive repairs. So yes, mortar is easier to fix than bricks, but the mortar naturally breaks down over time because it’s supposed to take on the majority of the wear and tear. That’s the beauty of its function, but it should not be ignored, especially if it is crumbling easily, discolored, or showing any other signs of damage.

Efflorescence is a mineral coating that forms over your concrete or bricks when water leaves behind salt deposits that are not evaporating. These minerals cause a white, yellow, or brownish stain that can easily be taken care of and removed to look more pleasing to the eye.

2. Chimney Repairs
You may have noticed leaks or cracks in your chimney this winter, and we are here to make sure your chimney is watertight to prevent expensive water damage from occurring inside of your home. Replacing a chimney cap or crown is also very common after a New England winter and we will inspect yours to ensure it is fully doing its job, or repair any other damage to the overall structure.

3. Spalling Bricks
Spalling occurs when moisture from the rain or melting snow saturate the brick. As the bricks freeze and thaw, it creates pressure and that usually results in bricks breaking or falling off of the chimney.

We are not going to just fix these bricks; we are going to find out what the underlying cause is and fix that problem. We will check to see if there is a drainage issue, non-breathable sealant, and more.

Caps & Dampers also specialize in historical masonry repairs and uses a high degree of professionalism to preserve its natural historic state and value. We can go over that process with you in person and explain our step-by-step procedure.

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