The Importance of a Chimney Cap

You may be wondering, or have heard others question, if a chimney cap is necessary. We are here to tell you that yes, a chimney cap is absolutely necessary to protect your chimney from harsh weather, small critters and more. In fact, Caps is part of our company name for a reason.

Our technicians have taken some actual photos on the job to show some great examples as to why a chimney cap is so important.

Small Critters Nest Inside

Animals are always looking for a warm place to build a nest and your chimney is no exception. If your chimney is not protected with a chimney cap, birds and other small animals will build their home inside and prevent proper ventilation. Without proper ventilation, dangerous gases cannot exit your chimney and can blow back into your home along with dirt-filled soot. This can be very dangerous for you and your loved ones. A secure fitting chimney cap will eliminate these hazardous, or potentially deadly, situations.

Harsh Weather

Almost all chimneys are susceptible to water damage because they sit above the roofline. It’s only natural that they are vulnerable to nature’s harsh elements. Water can easily and quickly damage or deteriorate anything in its path. A chimney cap will stop water from dripping down your chimney and damaging your damper or chimney liner. Plus, a chimney cap that helps to stop water will help stop moisture build-up. Too much moisture can cause unhealthy mold or mildew issues.









Debris & Weeds

A chimney cap is important to have, but if it doesn’t fit right or it is damaged, debris can fall into your chimney and clog your chimney enabling weeds to start growing out of it. A Clogged chimney can lead to a dangerous chimney fire because it hinders the drafting of your fireplace. It also provides a lot of kindle for chimney sparks which, in turn, can easily ignite a fire







Installing a secure fitting chimney cap is the best course of action to avoid any of these hazardous situations. It helps to keep you, your family, wildlife and nature safe.

There are many caps to choose from, like those designed to restrict downdrafts from high winds. At Caps & Dampers, we will recommend that best-fitting and most effective chimney cap for your home.

Our main priority is to keep the interior of your home protected from dangerous smoke, fumes and fire. Book your appointment now.