Warming Homes, Warming The Homeless

Caps & Dampers, a full-service chimney company, has expanded their mission to help provide safe and warm housing to their community with the launch of a new initiative to support some of our most vulnerable citizens – the homeless. The company protects the hearths of central Connecticut homes with reliable chimney, home and commercial maintenance services including chimney cleanings, repairs, masonry, dryer vent cleanings and more.

For every chimney that Caps & Dampers cleans, they will donate a package of socks to the homeless. This is meaningful because socks are the most requested and needed item in shelters. (People don’t donate their old socks very often; they use them until they’re worn out and then throw them away. Yet, socks should be changed every day and provide both warmth and protection.) Caps & Dampers will offer customers the option to select an additional contribution of a sought-after item such as a backpack or blanket. Caps & Dampers has also partnered with The Open Hearth in Hartford to provide job training and opportunities to help end homelessness through employment and stable housing.

“We built this company to help keep families safe and warm, and that mission extends to our entire community.” says Lena DiGenti, co-founder of Caps & Dampers. “As we continue to grow, we have more opportunities to help. We would like to see a day when everyone has a safe and warm home, one chimney at a time. Until that day, we will continue to provide support for local homeless shelters, clothing drives, the Keep Hartford Warm initiative, and DCF foster care clothing drives and comfort cases.

Jen Hoyle, Caps & Dampers co-founder states, “We have always believed in helping people to become their best selves, and that can only happen if someone has the basic essentials to live. This initiative is not only warming the homeless, but it’s also warming our whole community.” 

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