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Santa is Coming to Town & You Need to Make Sure Your Chimney is Santa Approved! We’re going to help Santa again this year and offer all of our customers $25 OFF a chimney cleaning. When it’s clean, you will receive this (8.5 x 11) certificate directly from Santa that confirms your chimney is ready and SANTA CERTIFIED CLEAN!

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Chimney Repair

Enjoy your fireplace's warmth, comfort, and relaxation without worrying about the structure! By scheduling a chimney repair or inspection with Caps & Dampers, your fireplace will keep you warm, safe, and give you peace of mind. As you burn fires year after year, smoke and heat can erode the flue, the chimney liner, and possibly the masonry structures. As your CT chimney repair specialist, we are devoted to keeping your fireplace safe and reliable all year long!

Chimney Cleaning

At Caps & Dampers, we are the chimney sweep service that works when you need it! The chimney can easily go unnoticed until a dangerous build-up causes a severe problem and can cost you even more money in the long run. With our services and chimney inspections, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle by letting our team professionally improve the performance of your chimney. We are your go-to CT chimney cleaning service!

Fireplace Repair, Chimney Inspections, Chimney Sweep and so much more...

We are your premier CT chimney repair service and chimney inspection solution because of our wide array of services that will help take care of anything chimney-related. Why settle for a chimney in good condition when your chimney can be in excellent condition? With years of experience, our certified chimney sweeps can satisfy any needs by delivering top-notch work to your chimney system. We are here to answer your questions and scheduling an appointment has never been easier!

No matter the time of year, it’s always a good idea to get a chimney repair, sweeping, or fireplace cleaning done in your home. Why not get the best CT chimney service to help? If your chimney is calling for help, we are here to make sure you get to most professional services and experience. Winters take their toll by adding creosote and debris to your chimney and flue, but you can call and turn things around today by letting our team provide a thorough chimney inspection, diagnose issues, and help keep you and your family safe. Request help from our chimney cleaning experts and specialists in Connecticut today!

Other Chimney Services

Chimney Liners

Our professionals can quickly identify whether your chimney liner needs repairs or if a replacement is necessary. All chimney systems require durable chimney liners. Considering the crucial role of the liner, this inexpensive investment can provide substantial returns. We are here to help with all your chimney liner questions and needs.

Caps and Dampers

Our professionals at Caps and Dampers will provide expert installation for your Connecticut home! Whether you are in need of a new chimney cap or a damper, it is important that the parts are installed correctly and that you choose one made from durable materials. We are here to help with all your caps and damper needs.

Furnace Flue

Caps & Dampers technicians are fully certified and trained to detect and fix any issue, as well as cleaning furnace flues! Our main priority is to make sure your chimney and flue pipes are always operating safely and efficiently. Either way, many people don’t realize how important it is to clean a furnace flue. The buildup may not be as great as burning wood in a fireplace or stove, but the maintenance is just as important!

Business Chimney Cleaning

Let us help you maintain a clean chimney and keep your business safe! If your business has a fireplace or a furnace, and you are the owner of the building, then you should be aware that annual cleaning and inspection of your chimney or furnace flue pipes are very important. These routine services are imperative to keep the exhaust system running safely and efficiently.

About Us

Caps & Dampers, LLC is a family and women-owned full-service CT chimney company that employs a full office staff, as well as a cleaning and masonry crew. Each individual is hired based on their knowledge and education within their field and it is our goal to provide you with the best and most professional chimney services. Our company is located in West Hartford, Connecticut but we also provide our service to other surrounding Connecticut communities.

I highly recommend Caps & Dampers. Gary came out to the house and was super friendly and very thorough . I explained to him what our issue was. After a further inspection, he mentioned the cracked & crumbling bricks on the chimney going down approximately 3-4 feet which we already knew about. He provided a price for my original issue as well as a price to tear down and rebuild the chimney. Both prices were exceptional as we had shopped around and compared estimates. The entire job was completed in 2 days and it looks fantastic. A special shout out the the workers on the job : Johnny, Keon & Millz. All were friendly and very professional and happily answered any and all of my questions.
Very happy with the work Caps and Dampers did on the chimneys at our new house. The chimneys were in pretty rough shape when we moved in, and Caps and Dampers was able to quickly give us a quote that ended up being half the price of a competitor. Johnny and his crew were thorough and fast, and we are so pleased with the work they did. We can rest easy now knowing we have two much safer (and beautiful) chimneys in our house!
Just completed my chimney repair project – rebuild of the upper chimney from just above the roofline, some additional masonry maintenance work, exterior cleaning, and resealing the entire chimney. Johnny and his team were very professional, friendly, and great to have doing the work. This is a good company from start to finish to work with. An equitable price for all of the work that was done. I’m very happy with how all of this turned out.
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Warming Homes, Warming the Homeless

At Caps & Dampers, we are a full-service Connecticut chimney company that has expanded our mission. Our goal is to provide safe and warm housing to communities through the launch of a new initiative to support some of our most vulnerable citizens – the homeless.