Chimney Cleaning Checklist

Chimney Cleaning Checklist

5 Reasons Why Your Chimney Should Be Inspected & Cleaned

As we thrive happily in the breezy months of summer, it is easy to forget the damaging affects a harsh New England winter can have on our chimneys. Although your chimney may look intact from the outside, there could be serious damage inside. In order to protect your family from a deteriorating chimney it is important to have it inspected during the warm months, so it is ready to go when winter rolls around again.

Caps and Dampers perform a full scan and sweep to make sure your chimney is safe and functioning properly. Scheduling your inspection before something goes wrong helps us to identify potential problems and address them before they turn into more serious and expensive issues. The last thing you want is to learn the hard way that your chimney is suffering, especially when you need it.

Here are a few reasons why you should schedule an appointment with us today:

1. Cracks in the Flue

The flue is the interior chimney liner that redirects heat and toxic fumes (such as carbon monoxide) from within the chimney to the exterior. We may discover cracks and deterioration in your flue from heat and hot water running all winter long that are not visible from the outside of the chimney. Cracks in the flue can lead to toxic fumes, heat and embers entering your home. Therefore, it is imperative to have your flue annually inspected for cracks.

2. Unstable Exhaust System

The exhaust system burns the gases in your chimney and stops harmful gases from being released in your home. The more efficiently a fire burns, the less your chimney is releasing harmful emissions both into your home and into the environment. We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your exhaust system running safely and efficiently.

3. Creosote

The potential for fires is scary, and chimney fires are no less concerning. Creosote is a flammable chemical that can cause your chimney to catch on fire. Without an annual inspection and cleaning, dangerous buildups can occur within the chimney. During an annual chimney clean, we look for all dangerous substances that may have built up during the winter and remove them.

4. Animal Nests

Many little critters are looking for a new home after the winter freeze and may happen upon your chimney when it is not in use. Spring & summer is the ideal time to remove those unwanted pests and make your chimney safe again. Animals like birds, bats, rodents, squirrels and raccoons build nests with sticks, rocks, grass, and other things you don’t want clogging up your chimney. These materials block airflow and make it impossible for the smoke to leave the exhaust system. Ongoing blockage of air flow not only damages the integrity of your chimney, but is dangerous for your family’s health and safety. Blocked airflow can cause serious health problems and cause carbon monoxide to be released into your home.

5. Water Damage

Your chimney might be missing its flue cap. A flue cap is a space between the flue liner and chimney wall that prevents water from filling up your chimney. If your flue cap is missing, major water damage can occur and harm your heating system. You may even have to replace the entire flue if there is too much water damage. We all know how tall a chimney can be, and flue prices vary based on the height of your chimney, averaging at about $100 per foot.

Do yourself and your family a favor, and schedule your annual inspection before the cold season rolls around again. At Caps & Dampers, we check your masonry, crown wash, flue caps, and many other important parts of your chimney to keep it in pristine condition all year long.

When was the last time you had your chimney inspected? Schedule your appointment with Caps and Dampers for your annual chimney inspection today! For more information, call us at (860) 323-8123.