Don’t Wait, Inspect & Sweep Your Chimney This Summer!

A chimney inspection and a chimney cleaning once per year are always important for the health and safety of your family (and your chimney), but getting it done now is more important than ever.

Times are uncertain and no one knows what the fall will bring. We don’t know if another lockdown will be put in place or if things will continue to keep getting better for Connecticut. Of course, the latter is what we all hope for; but one thing we do know for certain, is that we’re all staying home now more than ever.

Because of our current situation, family-time is on the rise and being able to sit together around the fire, comfortably and safely, this fall/winter is something you need to prepare for now. Playing cards, drinking hot cocoa or telling stories around the fireplace will become the new normal and something positive to look forward to in our world’s current state. There is nothing like family time around a cozy fire!

Although, before you light your first fire of the season, you must make sure your chimney is clean and properly ventilating. Caps and Damper’s top priority is to make sure your chimney’s ventilating system is operating at its best and that there aren’t any dangerous blockages. It’s best to have our professionals sweep and remove toxic soot, tar and creosote buildup. Once we do that, it’s much easier for us to take a closer look at your chimney’s structural integrity and make sure everything is intact.

We make sure your chimney cap and screen are secured. We inspect the condition of your brick and mortar and check the flue liner for excessive creosote buildup or cracked flue tiles. Creosote buildup requires immediate attention because it’s hazardous to your health and is a highly combustible toxin. Our job is to ensure that no harmful toxins or gases are entering your home and endangering your family’s health and safety.

Rest assured, our technicians are following all CDC guidelines and always enter your property with the correct personal protective equipment required like masks, gloves, sanitizers, and more.

A chimney inspection and chimney cleaning can be scheduled and paid for virtually and there doesn’t need to be any face-to-face contact with our technicians.

So don’t hesitate—schedule your appointment online now: