If the Storm Hit Your Home Hard, It May Have Hit Your Chimney Even Worse!


Caps & Dampers has been busy since Tropical Storm Isaias made a powerful landfall in Connecticut in early August – and we’re still out here working.

If you had fallen trees or broken limbs or any other debris all over your yard, then you should definitely schedule your appointment with us so we can check your chimney for any damage that may have been left behind.

The chimney is the highest point at the top of your house and it can easily be damaged by heavy rains, high winds, lightening and other harsh elements. A severe storm could leave your chimney with cracks, missing bricks, loose flashing, a missing chimney cap or more.

Water damage can deteriorate the chimney itself, and a leaky chimney can certainly destroy your ceilings, structural beams and cause toxic mold to build inside of your home. Homeowners should always schedule a yearly chimney inspection for any necessary maintenance, but after a huge storm, it’s best to schedule an appointment immediately after.

Plus, as you probably know, if structural issues are not fixed right away, it can certainly lead to more expensive problems down the road – and nobody needs any more problems in 2020, that’s for sure!

With September creeping upon us, so does Caps & Dampers busy season, so we suggest you don’t wait to schedule your chimney inspection or yearly chimney sweep. For masonry repairs, technicians will not enter or touch any part of your home before, during, or after the job. With extra safety precautions in place, you can rest well knowing your family is safe and your chimney is up to the task of keeping you warm for the cold winter months.

Times are uncertain, we are busy, and we do not know what the fall will bring, so get this project out of the way and schedule your appointment now!