Patron Saint of Chimney Sweeps

Spring Cleaning with Caps

This time last year, we were embarking on a state of uncertainty, to say the least, and while no one wants to be reminded of those dismal, dark, “quarantined” days, we feel enlightened that we are not there anymore. Brighter skies and warmer weather are now finally within sight.

Spring Cleaning with Caps

Springtime brings fresh flowers, delightful weather, and yes, you guessed it, Spring cleaning

While you’re dusting your baseboards and remembering to get under beds and behind dressers this year, we want to remind you of another Spring cleaning “to-do,” one that may save your life – have your chimney inspected!

Yes, the chimney often gets overlooked and left in the dust (no pun intended.) But, with the treacherous winter that we’ve just experienced, it’s absolutely critical to double back to this Carbon Monoxide risk.

Here’s a fun fact:

Poland is very cold, and folks tend to use their heating a lot (much like us New Englanders half the year.) It’s also a religious country with a strong tradition of pastoral visits, which is when priests come round, hold court with local families, dispense worldly wisdom, have tea, etc. 

During these visits, they also hand out pictures of saints to guard the households from evils and threats.

A man named Grey Poland teamed up with the National Polish Fire Department and National Chamber of Chimney Sweeps to create an initiative that would save thousands of lives from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. He enlisted a painter of religious icons to depict Saint Florian, who they would officially deem the Patron of Chimney Sweeps, and gave it out to every priest in Poland, from the Orthodox or Catholic Churches as well as Islam, to bring with them during their Pastoral visits. 

The instructions were simple – hold the picture of Saint Florian up to your vent inlet, if it sticks, your ventilation is working properly. If it does not, you need to get it inspected.

In a period of 14 months, over 30 million Saint Florians were handed out, potentially saving many lives with one simple test.

In short – for the rest of us who didn’t receive a picture of Saint Florian, Caps & Dampers continues to be here for you so that your family can sustain brighter, cleaner, and safer days ahead. We also continue to have increased sanitation measures in place.

Your chimney should be cleaned and inspected on an annual basis, as a minimum requirement. If you use it nearly year-round, you may want to consider a biannual cleaning.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Schedule your cleaning with the best squad in New England. Contact Caps and Dampers for a chimney cleaning from highly trained professionals.