Why Now is The Best Time for Chimney Repairs

Best Time for Chimney Repairs

The long cold winter is behind us, spring has sprung, and like many people, you are probably working through your spring cleaning checklist. Working on your yard and garden, decluttering your home, and washing the windows—but does your list include the chimney and fireplace? If not, it should!

Best Time for Chimney Repairs

As you use your fireplace, smoke and heat erode the flue, the chimney liner, and, in some cases, the masonry structures. Once your chimney has fallen into disrepair, it can actually become a danger for you and your family. This is why it’s best to get your chimney cleaned and inspected regularly to ensure it is working at its best and is safe for everyone.

During the winter months, your chimney and fireplace work hard to keep you warm and provide you with calm and comfort. That’s why focusing some attention on your chimney and fireplace after burning season is a great idea and here are a few reasons why.

What Is The Best Season for Chimney Repairs?

Once fall arrives and the weather gets colder, chimney repair companies in Connecticut get booked up fast. Scheduling in the springtime means you can schedule an appointment at your convenience. Should you need repairs, there is plenty of time to get the work done. Come fall, you can have peace of mind knowing that your chimney is safe and ready as soon as the cold weather hits.

The experienced masonry and chimney repair crew at Caps & Dampers, LLC can inspect your chimney and address any problems before they become serious safety hazards for your home and loved ones. Additionally, early inspection and repairs save you from costly repairs in the future.

Ideal Weather for Chimney Repairs

Should you need brickwork done, warm weather is best. The materials used can have the chance to cure properly. Spring is also the best time for waterproofing and ensures that any chance of leaks is eliminated before it rains or snows. Last, an icy roof is dangerous, and getting your chimney repaired in warmer weather ensures your contractor’s safety.

Eliminate Odors

By removing acidic creosote deposits, you will not only prolong the life of your chimney but will also keep your house smelling fresh and clean.

Save Money

In the springtime, prices for routine chimney cleanings (chimney sweeps) or chimney repairs are generally less expensive and a great time to take advantage of any special promotions.

How Often Should I Get My Chimney Inspected?

Conventional wisdom says you should get a chimney inspection at least once a year, but this depends on how often you use your chimney.

Some telltale signs of a dirty chimney include loud crackling noises, excessive creosote buildup, and damaged flue tiles. If any of these issues present themselves, don’t wait to call your local chimney professionals for help.

For all of these reasons, get your chimney in tip-top shape now, and contact us today to schedule your chimney inspection.