What To Look For in a Mason Contractor

Whether you’re looking for repairs, starting a new project, or have a design planned and ready to go, now is the time to do it – the weather is perfect!

One thing that every homeowner needs is a mason contractor you can trust. Before deciding on one, you should consider numerous factors ranging from a mason’s background to the post-project clean-up expectations.

Don’t let these things wait until the last minute. Let us help you narrow your search with our guide to finding the perfect mason contractor. At Caps & Dampers, we turn big projects into simple solutions. We provide masonry repairs for homeowners and businesses across Connecticut.

At Caps & Dampers, our professionals have years of experience working with chimneys. We can help repair and maintain your chimney, or assist in other home improvement tasks. We hire knowledgeable and experienced crew members in order to live up to the trustworthy reputation we’re known for.

Masonry Contractors Scope of Work

Another helpful tip when discussing your design plans with a potential mason contractor is to ask whether they have experience working with a particular brick or stone, as well as specific patterns. No matter how simple your project may be, it’s helpful to check with your mason to ensure they can take on such a task and that the cost of labor is understood.

Some masons specialize in only specific stones or designs, but most experienced mason contractors work well with various materials and patterns. Additionally, if you don’t know precisely what you want, a mason contractor with a broad scope of work may be able to help you plan out a design based on their previous projects. Caps & Dampers specializes in chimney work, ranging from annual or routine cleanings to installing liners.

Check to see if your mason contractor has a portfolio, and preview their previous work to ensure it is up to your standard. Also, ask for references from other clients to gauge how satisfied other customers were with the final product.

Project Expectations

Given that this mason contractor will be designing something for your home, you and the mason must agree to a set of terms that both parties will abide by throughout the project. This includes home prep, cost or payment schedule, acquisition of materials, estimated time frame, and post-project clean-up. Masonry should always give a home or business a high-end look and when it’s well-maintained, it preserves its strength, resilience, and beauty.

Home Prep

Some mason contractors require homeowners to clear space in and around the work area. Establishing this will prevent any misplacement or damage to your belongings. It will also get your home prepped and ready to go for its new addition!

Cost or Payment Schedule

One essential element of choosing a mason contractor is to find one that works for a fair price. In some unfortunate cases, homeowners who do not establish a fixed payment plan beforehand discover that they are overcharged once the project is completed. Don’t let this be you. Each mason contractor is different; some prefer to be paid half upfront to buy materials – others not. Yet, the most recommended thing to do is wait until the project is fully complete to pay the final installment. This prevents being overcharged in the event that the project is not to your liking.

At Caps & Dampers, jobs are initiated upon receipt of the signed estimate approving the quoted work to be completed. We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, so if you’re not happy – we want to know! Speak with our team to learn about payment options.

Tip: To get an idea of the average cost for your project, talk with homeowners who have similar masonry details to see what they paid for such designs.

Acquisition of Materials

Another costly part of masonry projects is acquiring building materials. While some mason contractors have connections with material vendors and can get you your preferred brick or stone for a low price, as well as landscaping tools, others may expect you to purchase the materials on your own. No matter what, whether cement for driveways or a stone patio, check to see that you are getting the best price for your brickwork or cracks repairs by comparing deals with various locations and vendors.

Estimated Time Frame

Asking your mason contractor for an estimated time frame for a given project is never a bad idea. While it often can take a bit longer for projects to be completed, having a rough estimate is helpful for planning and payment purposes. It is important that you and the mason contractor agree to a time frame and check-in as the date nears for an updated estimate if the project needs more time to complete. An installation may take significantly more time than a simple inspection, and the final quote for the project will reflect this.

Post-Project Cleanup

While mason contractors certainly stir up a good amount of dirt and debris during a project, it shouldn’t always be expected that they will clean up everything after the project is done. Prior to the project’s start, specify the level of responsibility that the mason contractor will take on in regards to clean up and deposition of materials.

Chimneys in particular can harbor various types of debris, so prepare you and your home for a job that requires cleanup time!

Weigh Your Masonry Work Options

Now, to find the perfect mason contractor to suit you and your home project, we recommend that you repeat the steps above with multiple mason contractors.  You shouldn’t settle for anything, especially when it comes to your home. So, weigh your options to ensure you’re getting the highest quality work for the best price possible. Caps & Dampers is always here to help with your questions and concerns, so if you’re ever in need don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

We are your home’s go-to solution, whether you need bricklayers, stonemasons, even landscape design pros, and more.