Women-Owned Chimney Company Brushed Aside Their Doubts Long Ago

CT Chimney Cleaning

The male-dominated stereotype is a thing of the past. It’s not just men who sweep chimneys anymore.

If you’re new to the Caps & Dampers family, you may or may not know, but the company is women-owned by two wonderful ladies, Jennifer Hoyle and Lena DiGenti. They have been friends for years and always shared similar values, so they decided to combine their strengths and go into business together – and as of today, business is only getting busier.

Meet Jen: Jen gets her hands dirty, she runs the day-to-day operations, and she’s always there to answer any questions. Before Caps & Dampers, she had spent several years running the daily operations for a local chimney company, and then realized she was ready to venture out on her own – and then she did! 

Meet Lena:
Lena is a consultant at heart and knows how to build brands. Her lifelong career was focused on consulting, marketing and you guessed it, brand awareness. She was ready to build her own brand and that’s exactly what she did with Caps & Dampers – and she never looked back!

 Click to learn more about co-owners, Jen and Lena – and read about their newest community effort, Warming Homes, Warming the Homeless.

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