Are You Buying a New Home? Let Caps & Dampers Inspect Your Chimney First.

It’s been an unpredictable, crazy year for us all; however, there always appears to be good with the bad—and we’ll take any good we can get in 2020. Some businesses and industries are in crisis, while others are thriving. The housing market is booming right now, and aside from our usual chimney cleanings and masonry repairs, Caps & Dampers is performing many chimney inspections for potential homeowners.

If you are currently looking to buy a new home, let us, a professional chimney company with years of experience, perform a detailed chimney inspection for you. Caps & Dampers is charging a flat-rate fee of only $100 and provides top-notch chimney service. A regular inspection company cannot fully ensure that the chimney and the chimney liner is fully intact, functioning properly and safe, but we can—and we do!

During our chimney inspection we do the following:

  • Make sure the chimney cap and screen are secured.
  • Inspect the condition of the brick and mortar.
  • Check for excessive creosote buildup.
  • Check the flue liner for toxic buildup, holes or cracked flue tiles.
  • If applicable, we inspect your fireplace, wood stove or insert’s glass doors.
  • Finish the inspection by having you test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Each of these steps is just as critical as the next and each of them should be properly inspected by a chimney professional.

Caps & Dampers is always busy this time of year, but due to this thriving real estate market, we are even busier than normal. So, despite the current economic downturn, Caps & Dampers is currently hiring and, for that, we are very grateful for our customers and want to thank you for your continued support.

As a women-owned business that is focused on warming homes and warming the homeless, it is our top priority to help provide safe and warm housing throughout our community—especially to our most vulnerable citizens. There may be a lot of chaos in the world right now, but there are a lot of good things happening as well—and we choose to participate in that goodness here at Caps & Dampers.

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